Why Digital Marketing is Important?

We all have learned that food, water and shelter are the three basic needs of human beings. The Internet is the newest addition to this list.

Nowadays, people rely on the internet for everything. From a nearby tea stall to a hotel, miles away from your current location, the internet has answers to your every question. To put in one line ‘Internet is an Epitome of Information’. 

To find a hotel at any location, the very first thing you do is search ‘Hotels In XYZ’. And you’d be mainly looking for 4 factors before making a reservation:

Price Range

Guest Reviews

Hotel’s Website

Hotel pictures


Out of the 148 million total online travel bookings worldwide in 2019, 83% occurred without any human interaction, via a mobile app or website.

The current annual growth rate of the online travel sales market is 15.4%, and online hotel bookings are growing at 10.3%.

45% of UK travellers feel comfortable researching, planning and booking trips to new destinations using only their mobile.


70% of travellers research travel on their smartphone.

83% of US adults now prefer to book their travel online.


For a traveller, the first interaction with a hotel will be online – virtually, long before they visit the property physically.


Every decision a traveller makes regarding a property would be entirely based on the online presence of the property.


Therefore, maintaining a powerful, effective online presence for a hospitality business is not a choice, but a necessity in the modern-day business world which makes it a key factor in the growth of the business and maximizing revenue.