Gem & Jewellery Photography

Based in Sri Lanka, the sapphire capital of the world, the services of our company extend to every corner of the world. Currently, our prestigious clientele comprises clients from Europe, Middle East, the Americas, and Asia.

Capturing good quality pictures of gemstones and jewellery for most is an unsolved mystery. Photography is one of the most powerful triggers when it comes to purchasing decisions. The role and importance of photography in business is ever-increasing.

Whether your item is a gemstone, jewellery or anything else, with industry competition being so fierce, top-quality photography is essential in the successful promotion of your products and services – both online and throughout the traditional print. We ensure our clients the best talent the market has to offer, with our expertise in this specialised stream of photography for more than a decade.

Further, we are proud to mention that our work has been recognized with the prestigious “Ruby Award for Most Beautiful Gemstone Photography” by the Gemmologists’ Association of Sri Lanka.